Focus on what’s in front of you.
Give your all to each game, each ball, and each moment.
Clear your mind and act with modesty.
Even if you struggle and fail,
Keep moving forward and learn from your failures.
Moving forward is the best and the only way
to reach your greatest goals
and not miss opportunities.



aims straight ahead.

Ready to create an era

Fan Zhendong analyzes himself as “a type of person who steadily builds one piece at a time.” He says that he trains himself everyday with the mentality of remaining humble and down-to-earth never being conceited about his own abilities and achievements.

Table tennis fans all over the world are attracted to Fan’s precise and daring performance making use of his honed skills, physical strength, and courage.

“I’m very happy to have a blade named after me, and I’m sure it will bring me more improvement. I can’t wait to play with it.”

Now using a blade engraved with his own name, Fan Zhendong is accelerating his own evolution and is trying to create his own era. The eyes of the 25-year-old, who craves victory more than anyone else, are fixed straight ahead.


Born January 22, 1997. Signed with Butterfly in November 2021.

Men’s Singles Champion

  • ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals in Houston
  • WTT Singapore Smash 2022

Fast tempo, aggressive banana flicks and topspins created by his excellent physical strength define his game.

Feel the vibe of the world’s No.1* athlete in five variations

The overall design was inspired by Fan’s attacking-oriented play at a fast tempo. Straight lines are used on the handle to signify the attitude of Fan Zhendong whose goal is to always move forward.

To allow more players to experience the Fan Zhendong Series, the lineup includes not only the Arylate-Carbon blade currently used by Fan Zhendong, but also four other blades with different artificial fiber variants.

* World No. 1 by ITTF rankings (consecutively from April 2020 to week 26 of 2022). Men’s Singles Champion at 2021 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals in Houston, Men’s Singles Champion at WTT Singapore Smash 2022.


A blade structure used by many top players including Fan Zhendong

Equipped with Arylate-Carbon, the flexibility, ease of use, and bounce provide an excellent balance between offensive and defensive play. The high performance of the Viscaria’s plywood structure has been proven time and time again and many of the world’s top players continue to use it with fantastic success.

Fan Zhendong’s
personal blade of choice * * As of 20th of July 2022 A gold logo plate in the handle-end is used only for his personal blade.


Combining suppleness and high bounce

Super Arylate-Carbon, which achieves a higher bounce while maintaining the flexibility of Arylate-Carbon, is used in this blade. The reaction property has been successfully increased without increasing the vibration property when compared to Fan Zhendong ALC.


Power and stability

Equipped with ZL-Carbon, an artificial fiber with an excellent balance of bounce and flexibility.

This blade combines power with stability and will not be overpowered by your opponent’s shots.


Power and stability at a high level

Equipped with Super ZL-Carbon, a high-density weave of Carbon and ZL-fiber. The blade features a good bounce that provides powerful shots and stability due to the expansion of the high-reaction area.


High reaction and feeling of long dwell time

Cellulose nanofiber; a nano-technology artificial fiber provides this blade with high speed and a lower vibration property. While enabling powerful shots, the blade also offers the feeling of long dwell time thanks to its low vibration property.